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Fysiogroep Nederland (FGN) has become the leading platform organisation in the Netherlands’ paramedical sector. The group follows an active buy-and-build strategy to further strengthen its position as a leading paramedical group.

FGN’s organisational structure is based on a hub-and-spoke model. The group consists of high-quality physiotherapy practices with entrepreneurial physiotherapists. They operate largely independently within their region, while benefiting from centralised support services. For example, business development, financial administration, financing, HRM, marketing, and data analysis are largely managed as joint centralised services within the group.

The regional hubs provide a wide variety of specialised physiotherapy and health services for a variety of injuries, illnesses and disabilities. FGN is a young and ambitious organisation that strives to improve healthcare by offering innovative multidisciplinary health services.



Team members

Matthew Boatfield


Erik de Boer


Derk Mulder

Investment Manager

Max Coenen



Nicole Cremers

Entrepreneurial physiotherapist and regional management FGN Noord-Holland

I’ve always had one motto: working with investors, never! The first conversation with HC Partners therefore seemed very simple. ‘No, I’m not going to work with you. But you’re here now, so tell me…’

It appeared our ideas for the future were more similar than those of colleagues in the field. It was a good start to consider building a future together. So you want to build a future-proof company in healthcare with my knowledge of paramedicine and HC Partners’ knowledge of entrepreneurship? Bring it on!

The fact that they are also pleasant people to be around, with whom you can enjoy a glass of wine, is a great bonus!


Philip van der Have

Commercial Director

I met HC Partners in 2018, when I was looking for an investor to build a leading organisation in physiotherapy. The entrepreneurial and hands-on way HC Partners approached this consolidation adventure attracted me.

We started Fysiogroep Nederland with several entrepreneurial practice owners. Four years later, we have become a qualitative market leader in physiotherapy with more than 100 locations and 900 professionals. During this period we worked intensively with HC Partners. They took on many operational matters, especially in the first years.

I have experienced HC Partners as real team players who place importance on the social aspect of entrepreneurship in the choices they make. Now that Fysiogroep Nederland is a mature company, as a major shareholder they are a constructive sparring partner. They are always involved in important strategic issues.