Decisive, hands-on and committed
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Our approach

We specialise in spotting promising sectors. Extensive data and market analyses are at the foundation of our way of working. Our sharp focus attracts entrepreneurs with vision and potential. We collaborate and help entrepreneurs to turn market opportunities into sustainable growth.

We enter into our partnerships based on trust and bring them to success with our commitment, energy and decisiveness.

The challenges differ per sector. Yet we work in roughly 3 phases with all our investments:

  • We select the focus sector based on extensive data and market analyses.
  • We create a platform company by forming partnerships with entrepreneurial teams and professionals.
  • We grow towards market leadership by acquiring companies in the sector, fine-tuning the commercial strategy, and implementing operational improvements.

Focus criteria

We are keen to invest in promising companies and sectors. We apply 6 principles for this:

01 Sizeable industry

The company operates in a sizeable industry that is stable or growing.

02 Fragmented sector

The company operates in a fragmented sector where benefits can be gained from consolidation.

03 Economies of scale

The company operates in a sector in which clear economies of scale can be achieved.

04 Financially strong

The company generates positive cash flows and shows strong economic potential.

05 Entrepreneurial

The company’s management team is entrepreneurial and has a desire to grow together or is looking for succession.

06 Majority interest

There is an opportunity for HC Partners to become the majority shareholder.