To the point, hands-on and highly involved


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We have a knack for investing in promising sectors: our way of working is underpinned by a comprehensive data-driven analytical framework. We work together with visionary entrepreneurs and companies with potential, before anyone else does. We build new market leaders from scratch. We are decisive, hands-on and cooperate closely with our companies. 

What we do

  • Use a comprehensive analytical framework to select our focus industries
  • Partner with entrepreneurial teams and professionals to create a strong platform company with potential to become a market leader
  • Grow towards market leadership by:
    • Executing a buy-and-build strategy through acquiring (smaller) companies in the same industry and achieving synergy through integration
    • Realizing organic growth through instilling commercial excellence and investing in opportunities for growth
    • Driving structural operational improvements through hands-on cooperation with our companies and people

Focus criteria


Company is active in a sizeable industry that is stable or growing


Company is active in a fragmented industry with potential for consolidation


Company is active in an industry with clear benefits of scale


Company generates positive cash flows and EBITDA


Opportunity for HC Partners to become majority shareholder


Company has an entrepreneurial management team looking to grow together, or a management looking for succession

Investment Manager (HC Partners)
Tijmen Hoes

As a former strategy consultant at Bain & Company, the decision to join HC Partners has turned out to be a fantastic way for me to effectively transition into the investor role. The choice for an investor that focuses exclusively on a buy-and-build strategy was a conscious one. HC Partners is unique in both the number of deals it does, as well as the variety of these transactions: in my first few months I worked on numerous deals, with high variance across sectors and deal structures, including the closing of my first deal. At the same time, and fortunately so, not everything is new. Given the high degree of ‘hands-on’ involvement with our investments, there is ample room for me to build on my strategic and operational experience and apply my skills to help ambitious entrepreneurs!

Advisor, dentist and former vice-chairman KNMT
Alexander Tolmeijer

The cooperation with HC partners is different from an investor in a chain. They are clear, knowledgeable and genuinely involved. Not only concerning investment and returns, but also the healthcare itself and the quality thereof. I have experienced this over the years a.o. on decisions regarding acquisitions, renovations and new growth initiatives. The quality and philosophy of an initiative has to be solid, only then does it make sense for HC partners to work on it together. With all financial processes inherently belonging to being part of a larger group, their expertise and professionalism is clearly visible every time. On top of that they are pleasant people with the basic principle: we solve problems together.

Entrepreneurial physiotherapist and management of FGN region North-Holland
Nicole Cremers

My motto has always been: working together with an investment firm, never! The first conversation with HC partners was therefore very simple, no I’m not going to work with you, but you’re here, so please tell me… And then it turned out that our ideas about the future might had more overlap than they did with other investors. Right then I started to seriously consider building a future together. Combining my paramedical knowledge and their knowledge on entrepreneurship, building a strong sustainable paramedical care leader. Bring it on!
The fact that they are also pleasant people to deal with, with whom you can drink a proper glass of wine is a nice bonus and has its appeal.

Management Gijsen BCO (Sansidor)
Henk Gijsen & Mark Ruijs

When Mark and I sold our company to the TIC platform Sansidor we had off course an intensive but exciting time. The first conversations in the presence of HC Partners immediately felt familiar and during the process it became increasingly clear that upfront promises were also fully reflected later on. Acting swift, open & honest communication and, above all, doing what is necessary, is typical of our experiences with HC Partners during the sell side and due diligence process. Post closing, we quickly formed a partnership whereby we still were able to act autonomously. Complemented with the support of Sansidor and HC Partners where needed we could start to look for additional opportunities with and within the group.

CEO Sansidor
Udo Waltman

The partnership with HC Partners can be defined as practical, intensive and definitely complimentary. Knowledge of all kinds of inspections and checks-up in buildings is embedded in the underlying companies. To that HC Partners adds broad market knowledge and experience in the process of acquiring and financing companies. The role as a shareholder and supervisor is flawlessly alternated. HC partners acts as a sparring partner in all kinds of (strategic) decisions and choices.

Director Business Development FGN
Philip van der Have

In January 2018 I got to know HC partners when I was looking for a financial partner to help build a market leader in the physiotherapy space. What immediately appealed to me was there entrepreneurial and hands-on approach and view on this consolidation adventure. Together with several entrepreneurial physiotherapists we started Fysiogroep Nederland. Just after four years we have grown to become the market leader with over 100 locations and 750 FTE. During this whole period, we have worked extensively alongside HC partners and they have been of tremendous help (as well on the operational side of the business). I have experienced them as team players who value the social aspects of entrepreneurship as highly important. With FGN having matured HC Partners switched more to being a constructive sparring partner in their role as majority shareholder and ensure that they are always involved on important strategic issues